Just what is Network Marketing?

It is an incredible fact that the average family in the UK takes home, after tax, only about £1,000 per month of a disposable income. Once you take away all the essential bills, food, the mortgage, and the subscription to satellite television, most people will only have about 10% of that left for non essentials, that’s just £100 with which to enjoy their lives.


It is not surprising therefore that almost everyone you meet these days could use an extra income to simply survive, to pay off some debts or to save up for something that they need. It is not surprising therefore that the amount of credit debt has increased in recent years to such a high level.


The trouble is, people today are already working longer hours than ever before . No wonder the faces on the bus or train in the morning look so glum. They are there because they have to be not because they want to be. They have become wage slaves for the sake of their families.


After a long day at work few people feel excited about the prospect of going out to work again, yet many people are forced to do just that by having a second job in order to bring in enough to live on. Unfortunately, these days this is the norm not the exception.


For those people fortunate enough to have discovered the world of network marketing, things are a little different because the conventional rules of earning money from a job don’t apply.


Of course, network marketing is not a magic wand, nor is it right for everyone, but these days it is a legitimate industry which has really come of age and provides a viable option for anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their lives.


So why is it that, when a solution for financial problems is staring them in the face, do so many people dismiss it out of hand without a second’s thought?


You might as well ask why do busses come in threes. Prejudice against network marking is not logical when it is now such a well proven way of doing business.  The trouble is that people measure it against what they know, which is their current job.


They know that if you asked their boss to pay them more money for doing less hours, the reply they would get might be very succinct. They know that, no matter how well they work and how much extra they do, they will still only get the same pay cheque at the end of the month. They know that no matter how big the business grows, their salary will still stay the same.


So when you tell them that in your network, they can earn a full time income from part time hours, they can be rewarded in direct proportion to their efforts, and they can receive a royalty income as their business grows, no wonder they don’t believe you. There has to be catch.


Then you show them earnings of the top achievers in your network expecting this to totally convince them to join you, but instead of doing so, all you have done is pushed their disbelief further off the Richter Scale.


No wonder that so many successful network marketers become so frustrated. They talk to people everyday who need money, indeed who are desperate for money, and offer them a simple solution which can solve the problem – only to be rejected time and time again.


It is no consolation to know that if you walked down the High Street trying to hand out free ten pound notes, the majority would refuse them.

They’d also be looking for the catch – or the hidden camera.


So why is it that so many people turn down such an amazing opportunity every day?  Preconceptions!   They have a fixed idea about what the business consists of, and nothing you can say will change it.  Having a preconception about a business opportunity costs people more money than they will ever realise.


If you have made the decision that the status quo is not an option and you

are ready to change the direction of your life, then the first thing you will need is an open mind.


There are many excellent opportunities out there and all of them different.

No matter what available time you have, how much or how little you have to invest in a business start up, what ever your skill or knowledge base – there is an opportunity out their that is ideal for you.


If you are prepared to accept that, despite all your own faults and failings, there is the possibility that you could actually be earning a significant second income in a few years time, then clear you mind of all its baggage and look afresh at what network marketing has to offer.  It might well surprise you.


The industry has come a long way in the last decade.  It is now tightly regulated by government and industry bodies like the Direct Selling Association.  In fact at a DSA Conference a couple of years ago, Prime Minister Tony Blair recorded a video message of support to the industry

acknowledging the vital role it plays in the UK economy. Network Marketing has come of age and now be legitimately considered as a real alternative business.


What causes many people to shy away from network marketing is an uneasy feeling that it is too good to be true. Nobody really earns that sort of money do they? Well, take it from me – they do.  I know many of them and they are genuine, ordinary people who managed to overcome their preconceptions and give it a try. 


If you are looking at network marketing for the first time you must have already come to the realisation that you need to make a change in your life. After all, to expect to get different results from keeping on doing the same things, is an unrealistic expectation, and some say even the first sign of madness. To earn something different, you need to do something different.


The next stage is to identify where you want to be in one, two or three years time. What do you want to be earning? Where do you want to be living? What do you want to be driving? Where do you want to be going on holiday?  You need to have big dreams to give you a big enough reason to move out of your comfort zone and to do something different. 


If the reason is big enough, the motivation will be there for you to act. And action is the key to your future success.


Next, you need the vehicle with which you can start to achieve your dreams. There are plenty to choose from in the pages of this publication.

To help you to select the one which is right for you, create a personal template.


Decide how much you are prepared to invest in starting up your new business, think about what you are prepared to do - or not to do, in order to achieve your goals. Think about the hours you have available and other constraints that might affect your ability to succeed in a business.

Write all of these down and use it as a template with which to compare each opportunity and for you to discover the one best suited to your needs

Make your selection well. Ask questions. Arm yourself with the facts.

After all, a successful business is for life not just for Christmas.


Having made your choice – stick with it. The ones who stay are the ones who make money. No-one makes money by flitting from one business to the other. Even an average opportunity, in the hands of someone who has enthusiasm and purpose will overtake anyone with a better opportunity but no strong reason to do it.


Success is a journey – not a walk in the park, so be prepared for the long haul. It will be more than worth it in the end. The rewards for building a network are enormous. No one ever said it will be easy, but it is possible and the proof of that is easy to see in the thousands of successful people

who have made serious money in network marketing. I know plenty! 


Remember, success is just a decision.


As the legendary Zig Ziglar put it, “the only way you can get what you want is to help enough other people to get what they want”. Adopt that attitude and you can’t fail to succeed. See you at the top!