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The Gary Glenn Eight Week Plan


Are you ready for a fantastic and fun programme of personal development?

Print out this plan... you'll use it for the next couple of months to select...the movies!


What would you think if I told you that you can change your life... and your level of success just by watching EIGHT great movies over the next few weeks?
Any of you who know me, are aware that I am always saying that
and the TV networks are programming us to be average, in some cases programming us to fail... you know that I feel that film, TV and video are the most powerful forms of communication and EDUCATION that we have. Having said that... the really GOOD news is that there are some fantastic movies that will help us be motivated, enthused and more POSITIVE.
I BELIEVE they can change your life forever!

This is a fun process of watching EIGHT movies... I'd suggest you do it over eight weeks... and also do some positive mental exercises to make the experience even more powerful.


These films have been chosen to shake up up a bit... to rock you out of any complacency and to help to programme YOU for SUCCESS. If you follow through and DO this over the eight weeks... you will emerge looking at the world from a DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW. You will know for certain that any obstacles you come across can be overcome by applying the principles of BELIEF, PERSISTENCE AND PATIENCE.


You can follow this little programme alone... but why not include family or friends... your business team? When you share the experience it will have even greater power, meaning and value to you.


Step one: Make sure you have an open mind looking for messages and meaning
Step three: All week, think about the movie, the message and consider these questions.

Are you like Andy... in your current 'slave' situation?
What does Andy teach us about triumph over adversity?
Imagine what Andy and Red felt like at the end of the movie, and imagine what you would feel like if you could break away from feeling tied down or enslaved.
Step four: Order the Gary Glenn 'Ah Ha Book' and the Gary Glenn double CD set of two minute 'Ah Ha's and be ready to read one Ah Ha per day from the book, and listen to just one two minute Ah Ha from the CD set. You can get them from
Gary's web site: www.GaryGlenn.com


Step one: If you haven't ordered them yet... get the Gary Glenn Ah Ha Book, and the Gary Glenn double CD of two minute Ah Ha's... get them from
www.GaryGlenn.com If you have them set a schedule in place to listen to just one of the two minute audio Ah Ha's each and every day... and open the Gary Glenn Ah Ha book at random and read ONE Ah Ha message per day. Consider what the message is, and how it relates to you and your situation each and every day before watching the movie of the week.

Step two: Watch Stand and Deliver
Step three: All week, consider these questions:

•How do people react to others who are working to improve their life situation.. income, health, relationship, etc.?

•Do others try to pull you down as you work to make yourself more successful?
•Will this outside negative input convince you to quit, or will these negative people steal your dreams.

•Does your past determine your future? Does it matter what 'cards you have been dealt in life' or is it you attitude and your current actions that determine your future?

Step four: Order extra copies of Gary Glenn's Ah Ha Book and double CD set of Ah Ha's to give to others... people who are important to you who are part of your life. These would make great Christmas gifts, and help those around you to build their life, and of course they'll be more supportive of what you are doing. Decide who you should order copies for and get them from www.GaryGlenn.com


Step one: Start discussing the movies you are watching with others in your team, your family or your network... also talk about what Ah Ha's you've been reading and listening to this week... remember you'll now be on track to listen to one ah ha and read one from Gary Glenn's Ah Ha book every day... make it a habit.

Step two: Watch Braveheart
Step three: This week think about each of these questions... and discuss them with any one else who is doing this programme with you.
•What was the last word uttered by William Wallace in the film?
•Will you continue to allow yourself to be oppressed or will you do what it takes to be set free?
•What was symbolised by the handkerchief that held the dried flower?


Step one: Check to make sure that everyone in your network is tuned in to this process and are watching the films too.

Step two: If you haven't already given the gifts of Gary Glenn's Ah Ha book and Gary Glenn's double CD set... even if it's not Christmas yet... go ahead and give them... get those around you listening to one a day, and reading one Ah Ha per day... just like you are... if you need more copies, get them at www.GaryGlenn.com

Step two: Watch Jerry Mcguire
Step three: This week, just consider these questions:

•What is more important in your life... the number of relationships that you have, or the quality of your relationships?

•Did those people who stayed at the company when Jerry asked who would come with him stay because they did not believe his ideas... or because they were afraid of being judged by others?


Step one: Consider what if any changes you have made in your thinking as a result of listening to an Ah Ha a day, and reading an Ah Ha from Gary Glenn's book each day... also evaluate what changes in attitude or action that watching the first four of the movies has caused on your life... evaluate how valuable these changes will be in your future, and commit to make more changes and keep the good ones, you've already made.

Step two: Watch 'RUDY'
Step three: All week, consider these questions:

•When people told Rudy he could not be an achiever, what did he do?
•When faced with obstacles, how did Rudy deal with them?
•What was Rudy's end result? Would you say that he was successful?
•How did he finally earn the respect of others? Did that respect come easily or quickly? What did he have to endure on his path?


Step one: By now you have seen the value of watching these movies, of listening to the daily Ah Ha from Gary Glenn, and the importance of reading one Ah Ha per day from Gary Glenn's Ah Ha book. Decide who else should have these materials.. who else in your family, or your in your circle anywhere in your network, and order copies for them... get them on the programme, order them from
www.GaryGlenn.com and if these people haven't been watching the movies, give them this listing and help them get started.

Step two: Watch 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Step three: This week consider these questions and thoughts:
•What is the limit to the power of the mind?
•If Luke continued to believe that what Yoda asked him to do was impossible, would he have learned anything?
•What did Luke say to Yoda right before he responded... "That is why you fail."
•Finish this sentence... 'Either Do or Do Not Do... there is no ______


Step one: Take some time to see what impact this process has had upon you. Ask how are you responding differently to obstacles that stand in your way.
When you are faced with negative people or problems... how are you dealing with them.

Step two: Watch 'Life Is Beautiful'
Step three: Consider these questions:
•How would Guido's son have dealt with the difficult circumstances if Guido had not taken positive steps to keep his spirits high?
•How does not giving in to negative circumstances and despair benefit you?
Step four: Maintain your schedule of listening and reading to the Gary Glenn material and start using the philosophies and quotes in your own vocabulary as you speak to your team and others around you.


Step one: Set one goal to improve in any aspect in your life, write it down and put the paper in a place that is visible... if you can make a photographic poster that relates to your goal... do that. Keep reading and listening to the Ah Ha's and keep thinking about how these philosophies can help you to achieve your new goal.
Step two: Watch 'Rocky'

Step Three: Simply consider these questions through the week.
•If Rocky had listened to the negative people who told him he could not succeed... would he have succeeded?
•Would you say that Rocky is particularly intelligent? or Did he have a special background or upbringing?
•How big of a role did persistence play in Rocky's success?

Well there you have it! An Eight week programme for improvement of your attitude, your expectancy, and your actions for success.

We can't wait to hear how it has affected you, your team, your family and others.



Gary Glenn.. helping to train and motivate the winners on your team!

Seven Days

by Steve Rock - The Inspirational Poet


I once attached certain emotions to a particular day of the week, like most I had my favourites and not so favourites. (1= Not living life at all 10= Living life to the full.)


Monday (1) – Oh no, the start of the week, usually the longest day of the week. (Even though it has the same amount of hours as the others)

Tuesday (2) – At least Monday is out the way and the weekend is a day closer

Wednesday (4) – Yes! The halfway mark

Thursday – (4.5) One day to go before the last working day

Friday (7) – At last! Sometimes the afternoon could drag as it knows you want to start the weekend.

Saturday/Sunday (8-10) – These two days merge into one simply because you’re enjoying yourself. Monday looms around the corner.


And so the cycle repeated itself over and over. I’m not implying that this is how your week works, it may well be different; but when I was working in the 9-5 field this is how I felt. The weekend always flew by because that was when I was having the most fun. Then I had what some call a breakthrough a life changing moment.

“What if I could design my life in such a way that I was having ‘fun’ during the week, while doing my work?”   Was I out of my mind to think that there may be there might be a way of earning a living and enjoying my life at the same time? The stuff of a mad mans dreams?


I look back and find it ludicrous that I put so much emphasis on what day it was, my mood could literally be dictated by the day of the week; as silly as it sounds this is exactly how it was. Now logic will tell you that you have a finite number of days, so why not figure out a way to turn each of our 7 days into what our weekends are like.


Just imagine eradicating those low scores and replacing them with 7-10’s all week long. Now, I don’t know your life and I don’t know your circumstance, but I do know that you’re a human being and that means you have a divine right to spend more time enjoying your life as opposed to just tolerating it and getting through it.  So, even if changing your job to something you enjoy isn’t something you want to do right now, make a promise to yourself to consciously do something within the next 7 days that increases your enjoyment of life.


Seven Days


Today has a different name to yesterday,

but shares one in the same.

Today is called “anythingcanhappenday.”

Life is a series of moments – little is dictated by the day’s name.


So rename today "anythingcanhappenday." and see what can happen.


Peace, love and light,




Find out maore about Steve Rock on his website www.abookofchanges.com

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As the legendary Gary Glenn says, "Work harder on yourself than you do on your job". Reading personal development books is the first step to making change in your life. The biggest selection can be found in the Filament Publishing on line bookstore.

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