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Filament Publishing has just launched the hardback version of Nic Rixon's long awaited book, "Design Your Life".  Nic Rixon is without doubt the UK's most sought after platform presenters and motivational speakers. Nic has a unique insight into why traditional goal setting processes seem fail for so many people. Having been asked by countless people at his seminars for his notes on the subject, he has recently used this as the theme for his new book Design your life. As a companion to the book, he has also just launched a double audio CD set. Find out more about Nic Rixon on his website www.nicrixon.com  

The author David Barber has long been associated with his series of books on Network Marketing.  He has recently brought out two new titles in the field of personal development.  The first is part of a new series called "Living with Heart" and is entitled "Adam and Eve your way to love and happiness".  Written in conjuction with Jacqueline Barber who is a psychology graduate with many qualifications in the caring field, this book is the first in this new series dedicated to helping people to lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Another new title in the same series is "How to achieve everything you've ever wanted". David believes that literally anyone with sufficient determination can achieve happiness, prosperity and personal freedom, no matter what their current situation.  Full details of both these and other books from David Barber can be found on www.davidbarberinterational.com


Known as "The Inspirational Poet",  Steve Rock's new book "Failing Your Way To Success" is being released in April 2004 published by Filament Publishing.  In his Foreword to the book, David Taylor,  the author of "The Naked Leader", writes "Business books sit on shelves, unread. Conference speakers continue to bore people rigid with PowerPoints and academic tomes continue to fill these messages with so much jargon, hype and mystery that most people simply turn away.Steve brings inspirational prose and poetry alive and alight, not simply on the page he writes, but through his words and paper and into the hearts, minds and being of his readers.Steve knows that peace, success and achievement are for everyone, not just a chosen few. Steve's website is www.abookofchanges.com and you can also find out more on www.filamentpublishing.com  


Believe it or not, Memorising is a recognised sport. In fact there has been a World Championship held for the last twelve years. The sport owes a big debt to Tony Buzan, the author of countless books on the Brain and the amazing capacity of the humand mind. He originally founded the first Championship along with author Vanda North and Chess Grand Master Ray Keene OBE. It now attracts competitors from all over the world.  Try some memory tests for yourself on www.worldmemorysportscouncil.com

Knowing where to look.

An echiever dosen't claim to know everything, but does know where to find it - and the world's largest and most comprehensive electronic work of reference, is probably the best place to start. Encyclopaedia Britannica have just launched the 2004 version of thier famous encyclopaedia on DVD or CDROM. Everything about the DVD is impressive, not least the fact that it contains not one but three reference works. There is the Briannica Elelmentary Encyclopaedia for primary school children, The Briannica Student Encyclopaedia for secondary school study and exams plus all 44 million words in main 32 volume set of Encyclopaedia Britannica itself. The search facilities and the multimedia and video clips have to be seen to be believed and, to cap it all, there are also 167,000 likns to other internet databases and learning resources. for more information click on www.britannica.co.uk  Echievers rates this as a Must Have.

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